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About Us

Back in the early '90s My wife, Brenda, took up cross stitching. One day she came up to me and said “Honey, I want to get a cross stitch stand.” She showed me what she wanted and showed me the price of the stand. So being a woodworker I said “Whoa, you’ve got to be kidding me, it’s $$$.00 for that and you have to buy the pattern holder too! I can make you one and it won’t cost near that!”

After about six months and $1,000 later, I said, “Hey honey, here’s your stand.” Frankly, it looked like a stick with a scroll frame and no pattern holder. However, it did have some good features and it actually became the inspiration for the Stitch-it-Cricket and it's big brother the Stitch-it-Mantis. Several months (and lots of firewood) later she had a pretty nice stand and the pattern holder was included. We continued to make improvements and we started selling them to friends and family as a hobby.

In 2002, I was downsized from my industrial job. While looking for work I decided to devote more time to my woodworking. I took a look around at what was on the market and said to myself “I think we have a pretty good stand here” and decided to put one on eBay.

The next few months sealed our fate. They liked the stand but they wanted to know if it would hold bigger frames? Could I use it in bed? Do you have a tabletop/lap stand? Will it do this or hold that? And can you make one that will? Many new changes and designs were directly due to input from prospective buyers. Who would have thought then that my wife’s hobby would become a career?

We now have several Stitch-R-Stuff handcrafted needlework stands as well as stand alone pattern holders, and scroll frames. We also now carry a wide variety of needlework stands and accessories from major manufacturers.

Brenda is still the number one product tester though we now have input from many customers as well. Thank you for viewing our products. We hope you enjoy our site and find something you like.

Jeff and Brenda